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Chacma baboons form part of the Peninsula’s rich biodiversity and they play a potentially significant ecological role in the Cape Floristic Region.

The City of Cape Town run an Urban Baboon Programme to deter baboons from leaving Table Mountain National Park and entering the urban areas. Discussions are held regularly with the South African National Parks (SANParks), South African Navy, CapeNature and Cape of Good Hope SPCA.  The Urban Baboon Programme on the Cape Peninsula has made enormous strides in the last few years and the baboon population has steadily increased under the programme. 

The City of Cape Town is committed to maintaining a sustainable baboon population on the Cape Peninsula, but is also responsible for the safety of residents and visitors. The Urban Baboon Programme remains an important City of Cape Town initiative. It is undertaken for the benefit of all residents - together with hikers and visitors moving through the urban edge - of baboon-affected areas in the southern Cape Peninsula.

Further reading

Urban Programme Monthly Reports

The City of Cape Town issues monthly reports on the progress of the Urban Baboon Programme. Read more


Baboon rangers are employed to ensure that baboons in the 10 or 11 managed troops are effectively kept out of suburbs that lie on the fringes of each troop’s range. Read more

Tags, Collars & Tools

Various methods and tools are utilised for managing baboons on the Peninsula. Read more


Certain protocols must be followed when using paintball markers to manage baboons and for managing raiding baboons and dispersing males. Read more

Population Statistics

As a result of scientific baboon management, the Peninsula baboon population is steadily rising. Read more

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