Position statement

The Knysna Baboon Action Group (KBAG) was formed to evaluate baboon management options and ensure that appropriate action is taken as a matter of urgency.

The Group represents the residents of Knysna who want to use whatever measures are permitted under law to free residential areas from the baboons’ increasingly damaging and hostile behaviour. They are willing to engage with legal resources, wildlife experts and government agencies to determine a way forward. This could include the removal and/or elimination of problem baboons.

Responsibilities of KBAG

  • To collaborate with Knysna Municipality in ensuring that effective waste management practices are followed at all roadside picnic spots in the town.
  • To support an awareness campaign among property owners/residents and the general public concerning proper baboon management practices.
  • Assist in gathering baseline information about the Knysna baboon troops.
  • Liaise with other experts in the field of baboon management.
  • Play an active role in supporting good governance.
  • Promote an active, mobilised, aware community including the baboon proofing of bins.
  • Collaborate with Knysna Municipality and SANParks in ensuring that sustainable, effective waste management practices are followed in the Greater Knysna area of the Garden Route National Park.



Baboon Management Plan

  • To minimise the conflict between residents and baboons in the long term by holistically managing the situation and taking into consideration the location of Knysna which is surrounded by a natural ecosystem.
  • To define the responsibilities of role players and stakeholders.
  • To develop and agree a baboon management strategy.

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  • Effective resolution of human/baboon conflict
  • Effective waste management strategy and action plan
  • Assessment of the current situation and ongoing monitoring                                                                
  • Public awareness
  • Dealing with baboons on a day to day basis (short term solutions/ deterrents)
  • Dealing with baboon raids (baboon monitors, warning system).
  • Dealing with repeat baboon raiders (type of actions and criteria against which they will be taken)
  • Dealing with injured baboons

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