The arrival of a new alpha male in the troop often means death for young baboons.

Male baboons take longer to mature sexually than the females, typically between seven and eight years of age. It’s around this time when a young male will leave the safety of his troop to venture out in search of unrelated females. This is a stressful time for the dispersing male. He is on his own and vulnerable to other males and attacks by predators, including humans.

When a dispersing male approaches a new troop, he is met with aggression from the resident males. Females with babies will stay close to the resident males for protection.

Sadly, the arrival of a new alpha male in the troop often results in the death of young baboons, called infanticide. This renders the females in the group sexually respective much sooner and the new alpha male can start his own family.

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Did you Know

Human food is unhealthy for baboons. Research shows that baboons who have regular access to human food show signs of tooth decay, become overweight and have increased cholesterol.

Never feed baboons


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For the Kids

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Juvenile baboons are super babysitters! They play with the infants and keep them safe.

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