The South African Baboon Forum was established in August 2014. The group comprises various management authorities and stakeholders who wantto promote a better understanding of the chacma baboon and assist with baboon management programmes throughout South Africa.

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Learn more about our vision, mission and commitment to fostering a better understanding of baboons. Read more


The City of Cape Town together with other important management teams are responible for maintaining the Baboon Mangement Programme on the Peninsula. Read more


Various stakeholders also have an important role to play in the manamgent of baboons in South Africa. Read more



You live on the urban edge and want to learn more about baboons, how to baboon-proof your home and manage your waste.


You are visiting a baboon area and want more information on how to view baboons safely and responsibility.

Tour Operators

Tour operators

You want to find information for your clients or download brochures to present to clients before entering a baboon area.


Human Wildlife Solutions (HWS) was first awarded the tender to manage the baboons on the…
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The 2017-2018 Annual Baboon Management Report is compiled for the City of Cape Town by…
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Baboons are considered by many South Africans to be vermin. And in some provinces of…
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 The following presentation provides an overview of key performance indices over the past five years…
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How much do you know about the baboons living on the Cape Peninsula, Western Cape,…
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Did you Know

Human food is unhealthy for baboons. Research shows that baboons who have regular access to human food show signs of tooth decay, become overweight and have increased cholesterol.

Never feed baboons


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For the Kids

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Juvenile baboons are super babysitters! They play with the infants and keep them safe.

Follow these links to learn more interesting facts about chacma baboons. We’ve also include some fun games and puzzles for you to enjoy.



Puzzles and Games

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