Cape Fires Update: Thursday 5th March, 2015 @ 17:00

The Baboon Technical Team has issued a Situation Report Update on the Northern Troops as @ 17h00, Thursday 5 March, 2015.

Members of the Baboon Technical Team (BTT), two veterinarians and animal welfare professionals returned to assess the Tokai Troop with baboon rangers this afternoon, Thursday March 5.

Please find a report on baboon injuries in the Tokai Forest.

During an initial assessment of the Tokai Troop this morning, it was found that eight of the 73 baboons in the troop – had injuries which appear to be inflicted by fire.

The injuries to an adult female baboon were so severe that the BTT, assisted by animal welfare representatives and two veterinarians, chose to dart and euthanase the animal on humanitarian grounds this morning.

We would like to thank the BTT members, baboon rangers, animal welfare professionals and veterinarians for their dedication and professionalism during this distressing time.

The Report With The Facts Is As Follows

Thursday Morning
  • Eight injured baboons were identified this morning, during the first initial assessment of the Tokai Troop. Injuries were identified on 4 females, 3 juveniles and 1 infant baboon.
  • An adult female (one of the eight injured baboons) with severe burns was euthanised this morning.
Thursday Afternoon
  • Two badly injured adult females were found (in addition the the 8 injured baboons identified this morning) this afternoon. These two badly injured adult females were euthanased.
  • Four charred baboon carcasses trapped in the vicinity of the sleep site at the SANParks Guest House have been discovered. The baboon carcasses belong to a subadult, an infant and two juveniles.
  • There are seven injured baboons which continue to be monitored by the BTT.
To Summarise:

The BTT confirm the following situation in the Tokai Troop @ Thursday March 5 @ 17h00:

  • Three critically injured baboons euthanased.
  • Four dead baboons found as charred carcasses.
  • Seven injured baboons continue to be assessed.

The BTT team, veterninarians and animal welfare professionals left the site in the Tokai Forest on account of poor visibility and smoky conditions at 17h30.  The team will resume their work at 6am on Friday morning, March 6.

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