Cape Fires Update: Wednesday 4 March, 2015 @ 17h00

The Baboon Technical Team has issued a Situation Report Update on the Northern Troops as @ 17h00, Wednesday 4 March, 2015.

Over 60 baboon rangers from City of Cape Town’s service provider, Human Wildlife Solutions, manage 405 baboons in ten managed ten troops, divided into three management regions.

South-Wastern Region: Smitswinkel Troop, Waterfall Troop & Two Da Gama Troops.

South-Western Region: Groot Olifantsbos Troop, Misty Cliffs Troop & Slangkop Troop.

Northern Region: Tokai Troop, Zwaanswyk Troop, Mountain Troop and Constantia Troop

The baboons in the South East Region and South West Region are unaffected by the fires at this stage.

Four troops in the Northern Region

Baboons in the four troops in the Northern Region (222 baboons) have all been seen today and appear to be fine. The Northern Region troops include: Tokai Troop (69), Zwaanswyk Troop (30), Mountain Troop (47) and Constantia Troop (76)

During the day, BTT members, veterinarians and baboon rangers worked to make sure that the four troops in the Northern Region were safe.

The following press release was issued at 14h00, Wednesday 4 March:

  • The baboon troops in the South-Eastern and South-Western regions have – at this stage – been unaffected by the fires.
  • The four Tokai baboon troops in the Northern Region have all been seen and appear to be fine. A detailed assessment of each individual animal will only be able to be done later on in the week.
  • The Baboon Technical Team (BTT) was on site this morning at the various locations in the Northern Region with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and two veterinarians (from City of Cape Town & CapeNature).
  • Baboon troops in potentially dangerous situations were herded towards safe areas during the morning. By midday, it was agreed that there was no immediate danger for any of the baboon troops.
  • The baboons are being monitored and the BTT is on standby.
  • Residents are asked to tolerant, not to feed or interact with baboons.
  • The Tokai Forests and Fireline are a restricted zone. No access to this zone is granted to visitors, animal rights activists or anyone without a restricted access permit.
  • Please call the baboon hotline (071 588 6540) if you have a problem. Please be aware that that during this crisis situation, the baboon protocols will not be enforced.

NOTE: Suggestions on social media ‘reporting’ that baboons are being shot are categorically denied. No baboons have been shot. We appeal to residents not to pass on highly emotional and unverified information.

Baboons at Rest Tonight

As at 17h00, the four Northern Region troops were in the following areas:

  1. The Constantia Troop is on Groot Constantia.
  2. The Mountain Troop is at the edge of the forest among fruit trees on the fringe of Buitenverwachting Wine Estate.
  3. The Zwaanswyk Troop is on the fringe of the Tokai forest – around the Chrysalis campus buildings.
  4. The Tokai Troop are in the Riverine Fairy Forest between the Tokai Manor House and Buitenverwachting Wine Estate.

Dr Phil Richardson, Human Wildlife Solutions, was at Hassies Vlei towards the top of Buitenverwachting Wine Estate this morning. Please see pictures he took of the fire – below – taken whilst working with rangers and BTT members to get the Constantia Baboon Troop to safety.

We would like to thank BTT members, baboon rangers and firefighters for all their assistance today in getting baboons to safety.

Dr Phil Richardson (HWS) was above Buitenverwagting Wine Estates managing troops to safety. Please see pictures that he took whilst working in Hassies Vlei to get baboon troops to safety .

Additional Info

  • Media Contact: Julia Wood, Manager: Biodiversity Management Branch, Environmental Resource Management Department (ERMD)
  • Telephone: +2721 514 4155
  • Alternate Telephone: +2721 514 4189
  • Cell Phone Number: 084 4649153
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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