Baboon Technical Team Information Release – 16 January 2017 - Fines for feeding baboons

R 2 500 spot fine for feeding baboons.

Up to R 40 000 or 1 year in jail (or both) for a second offence.

The feeding of baboons is illegal in the Western Cape (Conservation Laws Amendment Act, 2000, Ordinance 19 of 1974.) Regulation 42A of Provincial Notice (no. 955 of 1975)) further prohibits the feeding of baboons in a built-up area or public place.

The fines for anyone caught feeding a baboon USED to be up to R10 000.

On 16 January 2017, CapeNature issued a statement on the updated fines for feeding baboons.

Helene van der Westhuizen from CapeNature has confirmed that the spot fine for feeding baboons (first offence) in the Western Cape is R2 500.

An ‘Admission of Guilt’ (AOG) fine can ONLY be paid for a first offence, but is not possible for a second offence.

Penalties for a second offence range upwards to a R40 000 fine or one year in prison (or both).

Baboons are a protected species in the Western Cape.

Keep our baboons wild and safe


Report baboon-related incidents to the Baboon Helpline on 071 588 6540.

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