BTT – HWS – SPCA Report Assessment – 19 January 2017

The SPCA and HWS have returned from a thorough assessment of the baboons affected by the recent Glencairn/Da Gama Park fires.

On viewing the troop up close we are confident that the decision to allow the babies to stay with their mother is the correct decision for the animals at present. The animals are behaving normally and have access to food sources and will be monitored regularly during this time.

Says Julia Wood, Biodiversity Management, Environmental Resource Management Department, City of Cape Town,

"During assessments after the Ocean View Fire, baboon rangers spotted two juvenile baboons from the Da Gama Troop with burn wounds. One was limping, whilst the other had burnt patches on his coat.

“These two baboons are being monitored daily in the field by a team that includes City of Cape Town veterinarian. The assessment is that removing the juvenile baboons from their mothers and the troop should only be done if it is seen that the baboon is not coping and should be regarded as a last resort”, says Wood.

At this time, the two juveniles are feeding well, are being carried by their mothers and are being protected by alpha males within the troop.
The team assessing the situation has indicated that past experience has shown that the juveniles have a good chance of healing and remaining wild baboons if humans do not interfere.

If the juveniles are removed, the wounds may take up to five days to heal. There is every possibility that after this time the juveniles will be ‘un-releasable’ as they are still very young and will become habituated very easily.

The juvenile baboon with a burnt hand is currently being protected by the alpha male of the Da Gama Troop and her mother."

Please view photos taken on the 18th January 2017 of the Da Gama Troop City of Cape Town

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