CapeNature endorses City of Cape Town Guidelines for Baboon Management

Guidelines for Baboon Management in the southern Cape Peninsula have been completed by the City of Cape Town and endorsed by CapeNature.

The guidelines have been created for baboon management at the interface of urban edge of the City of Cape Town by baboon rangers. The framework document - that includes topics such as training, management, legislation and occupational health and safety.

The purpose of these guidelines is to mitigate the damage and risk on public safety caused by individual baboons, while encouraging socially responsible behavior by residents in baboon-affected areas.

The guidelines were first released to the public for comment in February, 2018. Following various drafts, the finalised guidelines were released in  February, 2019 -  following endorsement by CapeNature. The guidelines reflect the methodology or thought processes which underlie daily baboon management processes on the interface of the urban edge of the City of Cape Town.

The downloadable version, below, is regarded as the current working guideline for baboon management on the southern Cape Peninsula.


Guidelines for Baboon Management - March 2019 HOT
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