Responsibilities of Developers

Any new development located along the urban edge or within sensitive environmental areas requires careful planning to safeguard the environment and our biodiversity. Any new developments in areas where baboons are present must be carefully planned and communities must understand what is expected of them.

Q: What impact does urban development have on baboons?

It results in a loss of habitat for baboons and creates conflict between humans and baboons as development encroaches on their territory.

Q: Why does this conflict occur?

Baboons love to forage on the lower slopes of the mountain and with urbanisation these feeding grounds are being taken away from them. With development on the urban edge baboons tend to enter residential areas to raid as food is readily available due to poor waste management and a lack of baboon-proofing.

Q: What are the consequences of this conflict?

Baboons become habituated to raiding which raises the conflict. This conflict creates the potential for more frequent removal of baboons or possible culling of troops as urban areas continue to densify. Densification results in the encroachment within baboon home ranges which, as a consequence, start to become more fractured and start to shrink.

Q: What role should developers play to design properties which will prevent this kind of conflict between buyers and baboons?

Developers must play a role in ensuring that there are strict regulations for baboon proofing included in the plans for any new development. It also needs to be written into any contract with potential buyers. This requirement needs to be entrenched in the City/other municipalities’ planning policies and become a part of any assessment of new developments/departure applications by the City/Municipality.The same applies to individual building applications/plans and departure applications (where applications request permissions outside of existing planning legislation) must include baboon proofing as a non-negotiable. As a matter of course, baboon-proofing, if required needs to be signed off on any plan by the City/municipality, if it falls within an area where baboons are present.

Source:: Lorraine Holloway

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