Dogs are domesticated and baboons are wild and unpredictable – they don’t make for natural playmates.

Dogs 1 smDogs and baboons are best kept well apart. Image: B. Sutherland

When baboons live near humans they naturally come into contact with our pets, especially dogs. Sometimes interactions between baboons and dogs turn nasty and one of the animals involved – dog or baboon – ends up getting hurt.

Baboons have no reason to hurt dogs unless a dog becomes a threat to them. Baboons are not ‘territorial’ with dogs. When owners set their dog on a baboon, it’s usually the dog who ends up injured when the baboon responds with aggression to protect itself. Remember, baboons are protected by the law and it is illegal to set your dog on a baboon.




If you live within the baboon home ranges, take note of these important points:

  • Do not walk dogs in areas where you know baboons reside. If you do, rather keep your dog on a leash at all times. There are often laws forbidding dog-walking in areas where baboons live. These laws exist for a reason and it is best for both the safety of dogs and baboons to follow the rules.
  • If you walk your dog off-lead and he runs off and chases or attacks a baboon, call your dog off immediately before the fight escalates. Always have a leash with you in case you need to use it. Only allow your dog off-lead if it is properly trained and obeys basic obedience commands.

On Your Own Property

  • If baboons come onto your property, keep dogs inside the house. If they are outside, call them in quickly and close windows and doors.
  • Never send your dog out to chase away baboons as this will very likely result in injury to one or both animals or the death of one of the animals involved.
The Golden Rule is to keep dogs away from baboons.

Information: Shahrina Chowdhury

Good Advice

If you live in a known baboon area, feed your pets indoors and do not store pet food outside.

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