Get your smarts on and see just how much you know about our county’s fabulous baboons! You’ll find fun interactive games to play on-line or ask mom or dad if you can print out some puzzles to do when you have some free time.

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Crossword Puzzles

Please print out this picture and use the below clues to solve this crossword puzzle.


Crossword 1


Cape Point is found in the Table __________ National Park.
Baboons are ___________, they eat roots, shoots and small invertebrates and vertebrates.
Baboon __________ help to keep baboons out of town.
If you live in a baboon area, you must baboon-_____ your home.


Baboons found in Southern Africa are called _______ baboons.
There are ____ species of baboons in the world.
Baboons who live at the coast are known to eat _________.
Never _______ baboons.
Baby baboons are called __________.
Don’t get too close when you take _____________ of baboons.


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Please print out this picture and use the below clues to solve this maze.

Help the baboon find his way back to his troop in the mountains.

Maze 1

Colour-in Pictures

Download and print the below pictures for your kids to colour in.

Colour-in pictures used with permission from www.supercoloring.com 

thumb1  thumb2  thumb3  thumb4  thumb5



Jigsaw Puzzles

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