Pezula Private Estate in Knysna is located within the home range of two baboon troops. A Baboon Management Programme was implemented in 2012 and today the estate is a world-class example of best practice for baboon-proof living.

Baboon Management Programme
  • Plans for new houses on the estate must include baboon proofing. Guidelines are set out for architects.
  • Contracts and service providers must undergo induction before work commences on the Estate.
  • Building rubble must be placed in baboon-proof containers.
  • The onus is placed on residents to ensure that their homes are baboon-proof.
  • Double latches must be placed on all doors.
  • Residents must choose plants for their gardens from the baboon ‘friendly’ plant list.
  • Residents must not openly display food, especially fruit.
  • Waste must be properly managed and place in baboon-proof dustbins.
  • Wildlife monitors are on duty 24/7 12-hour shifts). They use bicycles and where necessary, will guide the troops back to forest.
  • Residents have a communication system to the Estate Control Room.
  • Wildlife monitors provide feedback for owners.
  • A tracking system is in place as well as cantilevered fencing. Cameras and laser beams are placed at strategic areas.

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