Slide1If your guest house is located within a baboon home range you and your guests need to be aware of basic precautions that need to be taken if there are baboons in the area and how to act if confronted by a baboon. Keeping distance between humans and baboons is for you and your guest’s well being and that of the baboons.

In the best interest of your guest house you are advised to:

  • Secure your waste at all times and baboon proof your property

In the best interests of your guests you are advised to:

  • Place baboon educational material at reception and in each room for your guests. Brochures can be obtained by sending an sms or calling 071 588 6540 with a request for delivery of brochures to your guest house.

  • If your guests plan to take a walk:

They need to be made aware that there may be baboons along the route;

Guests are advised not to carry food or eat in the vicinity of baboons;

If confronted by a baboon it is best to remain calm, move away slowly and walk away in the other direction.

  • If confronted on your property:

If confronted in the grounds or inside the guest house remain calm, move away slowly and give the baboon an escape route;

If you are taken unawares and have food in your hands throw it to the ground immediately and move away;

If you approach a baboon it will feel threatened so keep your distance for your own safety.

  • If travelling along the tourist route:

Your guests should remain in their vehicle with windows closed and doors locked, if there are baboons in the vicinity and take photographs from their vehicle if they choose to.

Baboons are wild animals and should never be approached.

  • Please never ever feed baboons-it is a death sentence for them.

  • Vegetable patch for your kitchen

If you grow vegetables, the area must be secured so baboons cannot gain access to them. Otherwise baboons will return time and again.


Please contact the Baboon Hotline if you have any concerns: 071 588 6540

For more information on baboons go to: 

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