The Safety of Your Clients and that of the Baboons is Paramount

Enjoy the baboon experience but keep in mind they are wild animals and are unpredictable. You can see them close up but keep your distance.

Follow These Guidelines

Please brief your clients on the do’s and don’ts when encountering baboons. Various media to assist with this is available for download below.

Baboons of Bavianskloof   

Help Us Keep Our Baboons Safe and Wild

  • Please keep the doors locked and windows closed .Some baboons have learnt how to open vehicle doors!
  • Please do not eat in the vehicle. Place bags and food items in the vehicle boot (trunk) when travelling through a baboon home range.
  • When driving through a baboon home range please adhere to the speed limit and put on your hazard lights if you spot baboons. Give the baboons time to cross the road. They have no road sense and may dart into the road when least expected.
  • Pull over to allow your clients to take photos of the baboons from the vehicle, but then move on as quickly as possible to allow the next vehicle the same privilege. Never allow your clients to hang out of open windows.
  • If you enjoy a picnic en route, please take your waste with you if there are no baboon-proof bins in the vicinity, or they are full.
  • Should a baboon confront your group or climb into your vehicle, instruct your clients to remain calm, leave the vehicle and move away. Open all doors and give the baboon a change to escape.
  • Please ask a baboon ranger if you need advice or assistance or contact the Baboon.


Do not feed graphic 150x150


Never allow your clients to throw food at the baboons. Feeding baboons is illegal and carries stiff penalties.  It also goes against the Tourist Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Report any baboon feeding to the Baboon Hotline on 071-588-6540.






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